LIAOYUAN JUFENG BIOCHMISRTY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CO, .LTD. that reformed from State-owned enterprises was found in September is a large-scale joint-stock Co., which shared by Ltd. Haokang International Investment Co., Ltd. It is a leading and backbone enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Jilin province and one of the largest grain finish machining in northeast China, and the total capital is 1.1billion Yuan. The plant is located at No. 88 of Fuxing Road, Development Zone, Liaoyuan City, the transportation and the communication is easily accessible and very convenient...


    Company is annual production capacity of 150,000 tons Top-grade edible alcohol, 100,000 tons of ethyl acetate, 50,000 tons absolute ethyl alcohol project. Annual processing one million tons of corn, and at the same time to reach 250 thousand tons of high-protein feed, 3.5 million tons of corn germ meal, 2.5 million tons of corn germ oil production capacity.
    Jilin Province Light Industry Design Institute of Maize Research Institute and  Chinese Academy of Sciences of Guangdong Energy Research Institute are the technical support unit for the company, and it using the current domestic advanced crushing, fermentation, distillation, drying process, set of dry Germ crushing, high gravity continuous fermentation, the five differential distillation towers and other advanced technology in one, using DCS process control systems control the entire production process.
    High-quality products are the cornerstone of business survival, the value of the enterprise. We have been committed to the best products across to the community.
    The main products are Top-grade edible alcohol, edible alcohol, absolute alcohol, ethyl acetate, as well as the DDGS feed, corn germ oil related products.

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